Moving Forward…

After one day, I AM already experiencing great feedback on “This Gay Man’s Life…”

Thank you to my newest blog followers, THE Holly Troy (, Lillian Druve, and Josh McEwan, and all of you that have been spreading the word.

Also in the short time, this blog has been in existence, I have noticed that I have become a tad hypersensitive about it, which tells me “This Gay Man’s Life…” is more Sacred to me than I may have realized.

Last night, I sent an Email about it to all the Gay Men in my Email address book, and only one recipient replied to it, in spite of having major health issues, such as bronchitis.  And yes, part of me is like, “And to the ones that are healthy and well?  What is their excuse?”

Also, two hours ago, I sent a mass message, via Facebook, to all the Gay Men on my Facebook friend list, and not one person commented.  Four people sent a “thumbs-up” symbol, and five left the conversation.

The Psychic Astrologer part of me is remembering that there are certain Astrological Transits that may be, for lack of a better term or phrase, interfering from having the Love for this blog, be received on my end and given on theirs.

Am I criticizing?  No.  I AM ranting?  Not much.  My logical Mind is crystal clear that there are a multitude of reasons why the forty-five other Email recipients have yet to reply, as well as the fifty-some-odd Facebook friends.

And so, I AM being led to consider that perhaps the launch was ill-timed, but as Gay Men, when do we do things that are perfectly timed?  In other words, is there a truly right time to stand for marriage equality, for kindness and acceptance (notice I do not use the word “tolerance.”  My personal view is love me or leave me alone.  Drastic, perhaps, but I would rather be accepted or left alone, as opposed to tolerated).

Nonetheless, this blog is also an opportunity for me to more deeply connect with my Gay Male Essence, and that DOES NOT require the approval of others, especially other Gay Men.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for honoring who you are and what you do.  And thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in your lives.flag_grunge_wall_rainbow


What do you think?

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