A cross-connection…

In my life, and especially after coming out of the closet, I have had the opportunity to meet various openly Gay Male published authors.

And two of my many favorites are THE Trebor Healey and Tom Cardamone.

In fact, I had the honor and pleasure of attending a book reading that co-starred both of them one year ago, this month.

I originally published this on my primary blog, “This Is Who I AM” and felt it was time to reintroduce it here.

And so, I invite you to read “Tom and Trebor: Rimming, a Horse and a Faun by visiting http://thetarotman.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/tom-and-trebor-rimming-a-horse-and-a-faun/

And before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “Shawn L. Bird,” who is also following “This Is Who I AM!”  YAY!  I only have a few people who follow both of my blogs, but may the Goddess and Her Angels Triple Bless those who follow both of my blogs!

And for those of you already following and reading “This Gay Man’s Life…” (and/or “This Is Who I AM”), thank you for honoring who you are, what you do, and what you give, to yourselves and to others.

And now, I shall spend the next two days firmly and blissfully engaged in Sacred Solitude; no telephone, no Internet, no contact with the outside world, and I cannot wait!!!

It may seem strange to some of you, but I cannot begin to tell you how much this recharges my Energetic batteries, in a way that nothing else I do does.

Nonetheless, I shall continue to create in honor of National Poetry Writing Month, or “NaPoWriMo,” for short, and wish all of you a wondrous weekend.

And yes, he IS more gorgeous in person!
And yes, Trebor Healey IS more gorgeous in person!
And yes, Tom Cardamone is more upbeat in person!
And yes, Tom Cardamone is more upbeat in person!

What do you think?

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