Remember the Orange…

In the Rainbow Flag, Orange represents Healing.

We can interpret the word “healing” in many ways.

According to  the word “healing” means, “curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal.”  It also means “growing sound; getting well; mending,” and finally, “the act or process of regaining health.”

Where are you healing?  Are you healing physically?  Are you healing emotionally?  Are you healing mentally?  Are you healing Spiritually?  Are you healing sexually?  Are you healing financially?

Are you open and receptive to healing at all?  You may be surprised how many people are not at all open to healing.

In the Chakra System, Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra, which is in the area of the genitalia and reproductive organs.  This Chakra has to do with appetite, sexuality, creativity, and how we relate to others.

From a Metaphysical perspective, blockages or leaks in this Chakra co-exist with stifled creativity, sexuality, sensuality, or even feelings of creative, sexual, and/or financial inadequacy.

If any of these feelings are true for you, it is possible that you may wish to consider being open and receptive to working with the color orange as a way of Healing yourself, from the inside out.

A fully healed and healthy Sacral Chakra looks like a rich orange sunrise.  Have you ever seen that rich, coppery red of a sunrise (or a sunset, for that matter)?  That rich, orange, coppery color is what a healthy and vibrant Sacral Chakra looks like.

Also, your creativity flows, be it artistically or in other ways.  Although I AM neither a fine artist, nor a skilled artisan (such as jewelry maker), but I AM creative in how I express my love and adoration to the people I love and adore, as well as with my writing.

Also, when the Sacral Chakra is healthy and well, we express ourselves, sexually in a way that is fulfilling, vibrant, and yes, healing, for ourselves, and for the people with whom we have sex.

And finally, we are capable of not only believing but knowing that we can create, manifest, and maintain financial prosperity.

I highly recommend wearing orange, even under your clothes, as a way of strengthening your Sexual Energy.  In my life, I have had sex with two different men who were wearing orange underwear before I had sex with them, and let me tell you, their Sexual Energy was quite strong, as evidenced in their especially strong erections.

Also, if it works for you, increase the consumption of orange foods, such as oranges and orange peppers, as well as tangerines, and you may wish to use paprika, which for me certainly has a coppery red color.

You may also wish to engage in a visualization of a Light Color Bath.  In your Mind’s Eye, visualize a bright orange beam of light being absorbed into your body, as well as streaming into your genital areas.

You can also work with orange-colored Crystals, such as Carnelian (which, for many, is ideal in healing and strengthening the Sacral Chakra), as well as Orange Calcite.

Of course, an orange colored candle can also help, as well as taking a bath with Orange Blossom Water.

I would love to hear for how many of you this applies.  In other words, have you been experiencing Sacral Chakra issues?  Have you been forgetting or remembering the orange?

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what you do, too.Orange_Background


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