The BIG News…

Lesbians, my fellow Gay Men, Transgendered folks, Bisexuals, and our straight allies.  It is my pleasure to announce that Giovanni’s Room shall reopen in a few weeks.

It is my pleasure to transcribe the Email I received today, Thursday, August 21, 2014, at approximately 1:39PM.

Here we go…


Giovanni’s Room and Philly AIDS Thrift are excited to announce the creation of Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room!  Our new store will continue to offer the newest and lightly used books in LGBT*Q literature.  We will also be expanding the store’s selection by offering MUCH more than the books, magazines and cards of previous years.  We’ll build on that base and fill the rest of the store with the widest assortment gay, hipster, pop-culture, camp, punk, underground, high-brow, mid-brow, low-brow and just plain COOL STUFF you ever saw–all of course generously priced for all you bargain hunters out there!  With a grand opening planned for the week of OutFest (October 10th-12th), we will be open during special sneak preview days during September and early October so keep an eye on your email and Facebook for those announcements–you don’t want to miss our best deals ever!

For those of you who don’t know, Philly AIDS Thrift is a non-profit thrift store dedicated to raising funds for AIDS organizations in the Philadelphia area.  Located at 710 South 5th St. (right below Bainbridge St.), we are entering our ninth year, and continue to enjoy explosive growth while contributing $20,000 a month to the AIDS Fund.

The new Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room will continue to present author readings throughout the year, all while providing space for reading groups and other LGBT*Q organizations.  We will also continue to maintain our online presence at  To keep up with developments, sign yourself up to receive announcements of events at  You don’t want to miss any news about the bigger and better Giovanni’s Room.

PS: For a complete history of how all of this came out, check out Philly AIDS Thrift’s Facebook page,


To say that I AM happy and excited about this BIG news is a major understatement.  I cannot wait to return, and I look forward to telling all of you about my experience when I do so.

Offhand, I do not know when that shall be, but the first chance I either next month or October, is when it shall happen.

Stay tuned!giovannisroomrainbowflag


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