Gayting and Other Adventures

Many Gay Men have Gay Social Media apps, and here is an introspective and unique perspective on how to view them.

Truly, this was worthy of reblogging.

Wishing all of you Powerful, Transformative Change, Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

Speaking Strichly Honestly

As yesterday was my day off, I found myself rather overcome with a supreme sense of boredom. I decided to start surfing the gay dating apps that I have on my phone. I have four of them. FOUR! I feel like there was once a time when it was just fun, now it seems like a near necessity for gay dating. I have instincts to get on there and play around until I find someone to at least flirt with. Truthfully, I equivocate online and application dating to gambling. It is like playing the human slot machine. You never know if you are going to win, loose, or draw.

Now, as I was playing with these apps, I had a few cocktails with my roommate. I found myself becoming frantically involved in two or three apps, and god knows how many conversations at once. I was drinking, smoking, and socially…

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