Are gay men weaker than straight women?

I AM most thankful that I keep finding Gay Male and LGBT-themed blogs that have truly important Words of Wisdom, as well as echo thoughts I have had on my Mind. It does not matter if you are Gay or straight, male or female, this blog post is what I would call “required reading for the human race.” Thank you.

To be nobody but myself…

[I’m reposting this from an earlier blog. I think in the US there is a lot of pressure on gay men to find marriage partners, with the idea that doing so is key to their happiness; whereas these days progressives are telling women they do not need to find a mate to be happy. Cognitive dissonance ensues.]

Feminists and progressives like to remind women that they don’t need a man. Their mantra is, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The message, put simply, is that a human being is whole, is complete in and of her own person; she needs no one to complete her. There is no “other half” out there in the world who is waiting to complete her, or is in need of her in order to be complete their person. A woman can have a full and fulfilling life without being…

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