NaBloPoMo, Day 14: Creating Spiritual Connections…

First, let me immediately state that I AM NOT religious.  I AM Spiritual, NOT religious.  And yes, there is a difference.  A BIG difference.

There are many of us that have either been exiled, excommunicated, or shunned because we follow a different Spiritual Path.  Also, there are those of us that have been Divinely Guided or led to follow a different Spiritual Path than that of the norm.

Also, those of us that are members of the LGBTQ Communities have encountered this experience, probably more so that our straight counterparts.

How did you find your Spiritual Path?  Or did it find you?  How long have you been on your particular Spiritual Path?

Regarding my Spiritual Path, it is primarily Magickal.  I do not use the terms Pagan or Wiccan, but prefer using the term Witch.  My Primary Pantheon is Ancient Egyptian, my Secondary Pantheon is Yoruban/Afro-Caribbean, and my Tertiary Pantheon is that of the Lwa of Haiti.

However, I have worked with other Deities from other Pantheons, including but not limited to Greek, Roman, Irish, Welsh, Chinese, Japanese, as well as Angelic Beings.

In addition, I AM devoted to the Practice of Moon Magick, using the Moon’s Courses to deepen my Cosmic Connection with various Deities, as well as to manifest certain desires.

Furthermore, I have the honor and pleasure of having participated, as well as led and co-led Rituals with the NYC Open Gay Men’s Pagan Magick Circle, and have the honor of being an Initiated Companion of Grove Argentum, a Manhattan-based Chapter of both the Druid Clan of Dana, and the International Fellowship of Isis.

I AM more of a Solitary Practitioner, although I do engage in group Ritual, from time to time.  Frankly, it depends on my mood.  In spite of having very little experience with group Ritual, as opposed to Solitary Ritual, I have some very strong feelings and practices regarding group Ritual, but I digress.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your Spirituality, or your Spiritual Practice, or even if you are either an Agnostic or Atheist.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “shaun890.”  Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do.  May you receive Insights, Information and PRIDE from following “This Gay Man’s Life…”

And to those of you who already follow or read “This Gay Man’s Life…” thank you for honoring who you are and what you do.  May we continue to move forward towards a life and a world of great acceptance and great Peace.

Thank you.spirituality


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo, Day 14: Creating Spiritual Connections…

  1. My path is eclectic, erratic, and sustained by a deep love for nature and spirituality. I love most varieties of what is commonly called myth, and they form the basis of my novel writing. Thank you for your post. I am always interested in what you have to say.

    1. Your path sounds beautiful, and I have no doubt that it is quite beautiful.

      Thank you so much for honoring who I AM and what I do, and thank you for your beautiful compliment.

      And, of course, thank you for beautifully retweeting my Tweets!

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