NaBloPoMo, Day 17: The World Continues to Change, Part III…

Although I rarely read news papers, watch television news broadcasts, or visit news-oriented Websites, as part of helping me improve my blogging for “This Gay Man’s Life…” I felt led to subscribe to the Gay Star News.

Just in the Email I received today, there is a variety of news items, everything from scientific findings, celebrity advocates, news on this side of the pond (yes, Gay Star News is based London, the lucky blokes!), and more.

Some of the news items speak to a more accepting world for the LGBTQ Communities, such as:


“OKCupid expands gender and sexuality options, includes ‘sapiosexual.'”

“Investors worth billions demand US firms make gay policies global.”

“Openly gay US Division I college basketball player Derrick Gordon scores 17 points in first game.”

“Mexico City passes pro-trans bill.”

“Colin Farrell pleads for marriage equality in Ireland.”

“Paul Bettany takes on anti-gay troll and wins.”


And more.

You can visit Gay Star News by clicking on the following link:

In closing, let me state that I do not often think of the possibility of Peace, all over the world.

However, upon reading these headlines, I AM beginning to see a world with greater acceptance, maybe even more Love toward all people and animals on this Planet.  One can only hope.changingworld


What do you think?

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