NaBloPomo, Day 21: Remember the Green…

Here is another post, as part of a series on both the secular and Sacred Symbolism of the colors of the Rainbow flag.

According to the article on the Pride Flag in Wikipedia, the green stripe represents “nature.”  How often do we allow ourselves to spend time in Nature?

Given that I have so many Planets in Earth Signs, I love spending time in parks (no wise cracks, thank you), places with a lot of rocks, flowers, grass and trees.  However, I AM also fond of going to Oceans, Rivers and Waterfalls, places where water flows.

Of course, as someone who has been working with the Angelic Realms since January, 2004, I also love the color green because of its connection to Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels.  Not to mention the Fairy Folk, or as I refer to Them, the Sacred Fey.

And, I would be remiss if I did not mention the color green in connection to the Heart Chakra.  That Energy Center of Love, Divine Love, Platonic Love, has a strong “Heart” connection to Archangel Raphael, the Divine Healer of the Archangels, Whose Aura is a rich, emerald-green.

Where do you enjoy spending time in Nature?  And what is at the core of your own personal “nature?”

Thank you, one and all, for honoring who you are and what you do.emeraldgreen


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