Remember the Blue…

This post shall focus on the secular and Sacred Symbolism of the color blue, one of the six colors of the Rainbow Flag.

In the Rainbow Flag, the color Blue represents “Harmony,” especially a blue such as Royal Blue.  When the blue is more of an Indigo color, it represents “Serenity.”

Interestingly enough, I have always Intuited that, generally speaking, all blue Crystals, such as Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Sapphire, etc., have as their general Metaphysical quality in common as “relaxing and soothing, and emotionally healing.”

Personally, I love the color blue.  In fact, I recall while leading one of my “Divine Love Healing Events,” that I taught the participants that their favorite color is their Self-Love Color.  For me, that is blue.  Depending on my mood, navy blue or midnight blue, but definitely blue.

I have always found blue to be a great color for me.  I own more garments in blue, than in any other color.  Blue dress shirts, blue casual shirts, blue briefs, blue boxer briefs, blue socks, blue scarves, (no blue shoes, yet, but I AM long overdue to purchase a pair), etc.

Yes, I do have other colors, such as red, green, black, and white, but blue is the color that dominates my wardrobe.

In Magickal Traditions, Monday is the Day of the Moon, and blue is definitely a Lunar color.

Blue is also the traditional color associated with the Throat Chakra, the Energy Center or “Goddess Gate” of Divine Communication and Divine Creativity.  Wearing blue can assist one in creating a Cosmic (or, rather, Chakra) Connection to one’s Energy Center of both Divine Communication and Divine Creativity.

As a result, this is a great color for singers, public speakers, and any one who uses his or her voice professionally to wear.

Of course, Navy Blue is great for conveying a professional image, while Royal Blue is great for projecting Inner Strength.  Whereas Turquoise Blue or even Neon Blue would convey a youthful image or energy.

I invite all of you to share your personal feelings about the color blue.  For now, I wish all of you Happy Holidays!bluecolor



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