‘The ‘transgender Armageddon.’

As a way of being more inclusive of Transgender folks on, “this Gay Man’s LIfe…” I AM reblogging this post.

Humanizing The Vacuum

Tomorrow the Miami-Dade County Commission will try to pass for the second time what Broward did in 1988: a human rights ordinance prohibiting discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and employment for the transgendered.

Opponents see danger:

“Criminals look for easy opportunities,” said Verdugo, who questioned the need for the law at all. He cited several cases outside of Florida, including one of a registered sex offender in Oregon who was arrested after dressing as a woman, entering a locker room in a women’s community center and changing clothes near children.

Noble — thinking of the children! You don’t suppose he projects a particular animus towards non-straights, no?

Beyond public safety, Armesto said he considers homosexuality “biologically aberrant,” and Miami-Dade should not act like other municipalities that “have buckled under and allowed their charters to be turned into a billboard for an ideological statement.”


Here’s where matters stood last month

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