Some of My Thoughts on Marriage Equality…

Recently, I discovered that I AM an Ambivert.

Although I have always known myself to be more introverted (or, in my not-at-all-humble-opinion, anti-social), I have adapted quite well.

I love spending time by myself, with myself, and although I do enjoy being around other people, I have found that there are times when I enjoy being with other people more than others.  For example, people treating me to lunch, or to dinner, or cooking me dinner in honor of my Birthday; people giving me money in exchange for my Psychic Services, etc.

I had a good acquaintance who I shall refer to as Michael (not his real name).  He used to have these social gatherings where people would get together, have snacks, listen to music, watch TV, and the like.

I would often listen to him when he talked, and I found him to be quite shallow.  And yes, my fellow LGBT people, and our straight allies, now you know that every once in a while, yours truly has a case of major DUMBNESS (also known as DUMBASS, as in acting like one)!

He had posted a photograph on a social media platform of two Egyptian men.  I think one was 16 and the other was 18, and both were to be hanged for “homosexuality.”

My friend, Michael (again, not his real name), commented that this is what is happening in the world, and “we are more concerned with a piece of paper.”

Am I all for marriage equality?  Yes.

And, I AM more for being able to walk hand in hand with my beloved, without fearing for my life, getting arrested, taken to be stoned to death, being hanged, shot, lynched, etc.marriage_equality


What do you think?

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