Catching Up on Updates…

In both my personal and professional lives, not to mention my Spiritual life, I often talk about Gratitude.

I cannot imagine the last time I went an entire day without expressing Gratitude.

As such, I wish to begin this post with expressing Gratitude to all my followers and readers of “This Gay Man’s Life…” In addition, to all of you who have submitted comments, reblogged blog posts, etc.

My Birthday is January 8, and for several years, I celebrate my Birthday all month-long.

Last month, was quite challenging, as there were days that were especially lovely, which were followed by days that were especially challenging.  I would go from having a Happy Birthday day to a crappy birthday day.  It was strange, as I do not recall the last time I had experienced that.

And I must confess, it left me quite fearful.  When I was younger, I had some very unpleasant and unfulfilling birthday experiences, and I certainly do not wish to resurrect such experiences.

Nonetheless, I feel much better this month, and am looking forward to Re-Minding myself that I AM a Radiating Center of Divine Love Healing Energies.

In the meantime, this month I shall be catching up on a lot of blog posts.  And yes, I AM cracking the whip on myself.  FWAHKAHTAH!  Ha!

A true writer writes, no matter what.  And indeed, I want and need to resume being a true writer.

Thank you and know that I AM most thankful for all of you.gratitude


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