What’s Happening with Rev. Yolanda?

It has been a while since I have written a post about the Living Gender Bender Gospel Celebration that IS Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes, more commonly known as Rev. Yolanda.

First, this past Wednesday, February 11, 2015, Rev. Yolanda was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.  And, is the first drag queen to receive such an honor.

Was I able to attend?  No.  I was experiencing the mental muddiness that one can expect during a Mercury Retrograde (or, in this case, a Post Mercury Retrograde Storm).

Second, Rev. Yolanda is COMING BACK back to The Duplex!  And I cannot wait!!

For more information, or to buy tickets, visit




A little about THE Rev. Yolanda: Aside from being a MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) Award Winner, an inductee of the GLBT Hall of Fame, the Blues Hall of Fame, the Bear Music Hall of Fame (I never even knew there was such a thing!), and a Grammy Award Nominee, Rev. Yolanda is also an InterFaith Minister, a sweetheart of a person, and most certainly a sweet guy/gal.

If you are not sure if you would enjoy Rev. Yolanda’s performances, ask yourself two questions:


1. Do I like Gay people?

2. Do I love good music?


If you answered “Yes” to either question, then you shall LOVE Rev. Yolanda!

Before I conclude my short little ditty of a blog post about one of my favorite people on the Planet, let me acknowledge my newest blog follower: Stuart M. Perkins.

I AM especially honored that he is following “This Gay Man’s Life…” because he is also following my very first WordPress Blog, “This Is Who I AM.”

I think I shall need to come up with a truly lovely gift for those people who follow both of my WordPress Blogs, because the number of blog followers who do so is increasing.

To all of you who follow or read “This Gay Man’s Life…” may you receive great insight and great PRIDE from doing so.

To those of you who follow or read “This Is Who I AM,” may you receive Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Prosperity, and Divine Peace from doing so.

To those of you who follow or read both “This Gay Man’s Life…” AND “This Is Who I AM,” may the Universe Bless you with Blessing upon Blessing, Gift upon Gift, Miracle upon Miracle.

Thank you very much.

From the "MAC Awards" section of Rev. Yolanda's Website.  Alas, I did not see a photo credit, and I looked!
From the “MAC Awards” section of Rev. Yolanda’s Website. Alas, I did not see a photo credit, and yes, I looked!




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