Tasting the Indian Gay Soup!

I first discovered this blog last month, and given that Puru writes from a unique perspective, I felt that it deserved a reblog. And here it is.

Gay Solo


I have been toying with the idea of writing this blog for quite a while now, however, could never get started. Finally, here i am today to start this wonderful journey & share my life & experience as a single gay man living in the third world.

The gay scene in India isn’t as evolved as it is in the western world, in fact it is at a nascent stage right now. Barring those few living in metro cities, most of the people here don’t even know what being gay means. Even in big cities, acceptance towards homosexuality is generally quite low. And you must know, homosexuality is illegal as per Indian law books. So legally, you can’t be gay in India.

It will still take light years before the Indian society fully understands, let alone accepts this new ‘concept’ called homosexuality. Legalizing gay marriages remains a far-fetched dream. Decriminalization of homosexuality…

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