Getting Ready for NaPoWriMo…

In the blogging world, National Poetry Writing Month is also known by its acronym, “NaPoWriMo.”

A lot of stuff has come up for me since the beginning of the year.

Generally speaking, I have been much busier than usual, with both a professional Psychic Practice, and a position of employment on the side that has been more full-time than part-time since 2011.

It began in September, 2014, and I no longer refer to as temporary, in spite of working for this company, off and on, since 2010.

Also, on a personal note, there are some Well-Being issues that have resurfaced, as well as dealing with some other personal issues.

Nonetheless, it is my intention and desire to make the most of “NaPoWriMo 2015.”

I have already submitted both of my WordPress Blogs, and look forward to this.

Frankly, I have been looking forward to this for more than a month.

PLEASE NOTE: During April, 2015, there is a strong possibility that I shall publish one or two, or as many as three posts a day, from either one or both of my WordPress Blogs.

And if you want to submit a poem to be published on “This Gay Man’s Life…” during NaPoWriMo, then please feel free to do so.  It can be of an LGBT nature, or written by someone who is of the LGBT communities.

You can either submit it as a comment, or Email me at

For more information on National Poetry Writing Month, please feel free to visit:


Thank you, and write on!rainbow_tile_x448



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