NaPoWriMo, Day 10: “Prayer,” by Francisco X. Alarcón

Good morning, everyone, and a Happy Saturday and Day of Saturn (Planet of Divine Discipline) to all of you!  How are you today?

Well, yesterday I did not post my National Poetry Writing Month (or, NaPoWriMo, for short) posts for yesterday, Friday, April 10, 2015, so I AM doing a bit of catch up today.

I Lovingly present to all of you, “Prayer,” by Francisco X. Alarcón, which is another wonderful poem I found by visiting

Here we go…



by Francisco X. Alarcón

Translated by Francisco Aragón


I want a god

as my accomplice

who spends nights

in houses

of ill repute

and gets up late

on Saturdays


a god

who whistles

through the streets

and trembles

before the lips

of his lover


a god

who waits in line

at the entrance

of movie houses

and likes to drink

café au lait


a god

who spits

blood from

tuberculosis and

doesn’t even have

enough for bus fare


a god



by the billy club

of a policeman

at a demonstration


a god

who pisses

out of fear

before the flaring


of torture


a god

who hurts

to the last

bone and

bites the air

in pain


a jobless god

a striking god

a hungry god

a fugitive god

an exiled god

an enraged god


a god

who longs

from jail

for a change

in the order

of things


I want a

more godlike



This is from a collection entitled From the Other Side of Night/Del otro lado de la noche, published by University of Arizona Press, Copyright 2002.

The poet who penned "Prayer."
The poet who penned “Prayer.”

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