When an Event is Canceled…

Since some of you avail yourselves of my Psychic Services, I wanted to reblog this blog post here.

Thank you for giving me the honor to make a difference in your lives.

This Is Who I AM

Last month, I canceled two Events because the number of pre-registered participants was below my minimum acceptable requirements regarding participants.  Incidentally, my minimum acceptable requirement for participants in any of my Events is five.

I have often said that I do not want bodies in my Metaphysical Classes, my Readings (private or at public venues), my Energy Healing Treatments, etc.

However, what I feel Divinely Guided to begin to state more frequently, is that I AM only interested in having clients, students, and friends who are Loving, Spiritual and Prosperous, and who are willing to go deep within themselves and see if there is anything they are radiating or emanating that is preventing them from having lives Divinely Abundant with Money, Gifts, Love, Honor, and Joy.

In addition, I AM crystal clear that there is a great deal of poverty consciousness in the mentality of “some money is better than…

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