Gay themed summer movies

I AM long overdue to reblog one of THE BosGuy’s posts, but I felt this would be a good one to reblog, so here you are.


Gay KissWith summer movie blockbuster commercials now in heavy rotation during every television ad break, I thought I’d give a shout out to some gay themed movies that you may want to check out this summer.  If any of these films catch your attention, contact your local indie theater to see if they plan on showing the film this summer.

Wild Horses opens June 5.  Written and directed by Robert Duvall the film also stars James Franco and Josh Hartnett, and is about a 15-year-old missing-persons case with clues that point to a powerful rancher (played by Robert Duvall), who is grappling with the sudden return of his estranged son (played by James Franco), whom he threw out 15 years ago because he was gay.

Do I Sound Gay? is a documentary David Thorpe created that opens July 10th, which addresses how many gay men grapple with how they sound. Commenters include David Sedaris…

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