Three Hispanic Witches Driving to New Hope, PA, Part II…

And here is Part II now, and Part III, which shall conclude this series of blog posts, shall be written and published tomorrow, Monday, May 25, 2015.

This Is Who I AM

As I wrote yesterday, after we began walking from The Raven New Hope (and passing by without stopping at the New Hope Public Library’s book sale, le sigh), we went to the main part of New Hope and deferred to one of my fellow Hispanic Witches on wanting to go shopping, ASAP.

We first walked into Savioni, which was great for all of us to expand our Prosperity Consciousness.  This is truly, one of New Hope’s high-end stores.  I saw shirts that were priced from $58 to $175, and shoes and boots that were priced at $850 and up.

It proved a bit overwhelming for one of my fellow Hispanic Witches, who has recently forgotten his need/desire to ongoingly expand his Prosperity Consciousness.  Of course, I, as “Mr. Prosperity” have been Re-Minding him to ongoingly use the Sacred Tools and Metaphysical Methods that bring him ever-increasing Financial Supply, but I…

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