Three Hispanic Witches Driving to New Hope, PA, Part III…

I almost forgot to reblog this on my other WordPress Blog.

Here you go, and enjoy the rest of the ride!

This Is Who I AM

The Divine Driver, our fellow friend, and I continued to drink in the Magickal Energy of New Hope, Pennsylvania, and we took a short break from going in to stores, and either browsing, buying or both, and took a look at the ducks and geese that were swimming and eating the bird feed that was left over from others feeding them.

We then went to a place that I have always wanted to go into, but never did before: Celt-Iberia Traders, featuring “The Art and Craft of Ireland and Spain.”

I have always been intrigued by this store, and always wanted to go in there, and now, not only did my two fellow Hispanic Witches and I do so, but I even purchased two items (gifts for another, by the way).

It was lovely browsing at the different items.  I must admit, being the Winter Baby that I AM, I…

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