Sharing a beautiful post, and more…

As many of you know, this past year or so, I have become more comfortable with referring to myself as a “bear.”

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with some of the terms Gay Men have for each other, a “bear” is a man who is hairy and husky.  I AM hairy, and husky, so there.  Bear (smile).

In addition, there are different kinds of bears.  For example, a black bear is a hairy and husky man who is black or of African descent.  A brown bear is a hairy and husky man who is either Latino, Hispanic, Indian (as in, from India, as opposed to Native American/First Nation), etc.

A panda bear is a hairy and husky man who is also Asian (yes, they do exist).

And so, with that, I share this post from this super beautiful bear, Mr. Freddy Freeman.

Freddy Freeman is a singer/songwriter, Spiritual bear, and so much more.  I have had the pleasure of meeting him, as well as seeing him perform with his beautiful and multi-talented husband (or, to stick to the parlance, husbear), as well as THE Rev. Yolanda.

And with that, here is the post:


You can also visit:


for more information, as well as Email before you book.

The massively beautiful Freddy Freeman.

And now, I wish all of you a beautiful day, a wonderful week, and a wondrous weekend, and remember to let your GAY Light shine!



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