Month: September 2015

Back at the Mountain, Day 2…

My second day at Rainbow Mountain Resort was this past Friday, September 11, 2015.

Before I go any further, let me Lovingly Re-Mind all of you that in spite of being a very Divinely Protected person, I know better than to tax my Psychic Shields.  Being in NYC, especially Manhattan, particularly Lower Manhattan on September 11 is an opportunity for any Empathic individual to become catatonic.

And frankly, there are too many people who count on this Psychic Witch to be grounded, centered, balanced, focused and, MENTALLY WHOLE.

That was the very reason I left for Rainbow Mountain Resort on Thursday, September 10, as opposed to Friday, September 11, 2015.

My second day back at “the Mountain” was Divinely Restorative.  I knew that I wanted to have a nature walk after I woke up (well, you know, woke up, showered, got dressed, etc.), which was a wonderful one.  My doctor would be very happy with how much walking I did.

After that, I took a sauna, which in spite of being here twice before, I had yet to use the sauna.  I had used a sauna once or twice before, but it had been a few years.  If felt good and felt very cleansing, both physically and emotionally.

Then, I availed myself of the hot tub.  I love the hot tub here.  It is big, and very comfortable.  And although there was a party of one (yes, I had it all to myself) it was no less relaxing.

After that, I went back to my room, showered, dressed for dinner, then spent time with some good books and my journals.  I think I took a nap, too.

And, it was exactly what I needed.  Although I was quite far from NYC on September 11, I was not oblivious to what people were going through.

As always, for those of you who want to inquire about staying at Rainbow Mountain Resort, please visit:


And if you stay there, let them know you found out about them from Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

And yes, I AM keeping this one short and sweet, especially given what time it is.

For now, thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.

And, with that, good night/morning!

This is the welcoming view to all who come to Rainbow Mountain Resort, the Lodge Porch.
This is the welcoming view to all who come to Rainbow Mountain Resort, the Lodge Porch.

Back at the Mountain, Day 1…

Those that truly know me know that I AM a fanatic about punctuality.

However, although I fully intended to take the 1PM Martz Trailways bus departing from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan, NYC, I missed it by five minutes.

So, I took the 1:45PM bus, which was totally OK with me.

And it was a good thing I began walking to the gate at around 1:30PM, because there were already between ten to fifteen people in line.

Once the bus was in motion, I felt much more relaxed.

The bus arrived on time at the Stroudsburg/Delaware Water Gap station.  I took a few moments to freshen up, then called a cab.

After waiting twenty minutes, I called another cab company.  That one arrived much sooner, and then I was on my way to Rainbow Mountain Resort.

Once I arrived at the Mountain, I completed the business of paying in full for my reservation, then went up to my Dorm Room (yes, they are called Dorm Rooms now; I do not recall the previous name for this batch of rooms), unpacked, then took a few moments to savor the bed, the air conditioner, the ceiling fan, etc.

I rarely, if ever, complain about the weather, but the high temperatures and humidity in my area these last few weeks have been brutal.

Even as I write these lines, the air conditioner is on (at the “Hi Cool” setting), and the ceiling fan is on, and the maximum speed.  And make no mistake, it felt so fucking good!

My first day was a day to settle in, and to enjoy being away.  No to mention have a fantastic dinner.

Since my arrival, I have been referring to Chef Pam as a Living Goddess of Culinary Delights.

I have a confession to make: when I was making the reservation, I asked the reservations clerk if Chef Pam still worked here, and he assured me that she does.

Of course, let us say for the sake of argument, that I had not believed him; I would have known she still works here, with the first bite of my appetizer.

I AM sure some of you want to know what I had for dinner on evening of Thursday, September 10, 2015.  However, I feel that I would be teasing and torturing you if I told you.  I did, share the details with one of my personal heroes, and he began having a very loud, high-pitched orgasm.  And this man is quite butch!

Truly, I AM having a wonderful time, and soon, I shall write and publish “Back at the Mountain, Day 2…”

Thank you, good night, and good morning, too.

One of the gorgeous views, available to all those who stay at Rainbow Mountain Resort.
One of the gorgeous views, available to all those who stay at Rainbow Mountain Resort.

Soon, the Mountain…

In less than six hours, I shall be back at Rainbow Mountain Resort, in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

This shall be my third time going to this year-round LGBT resort, located in the Mount Pocono region of Pennsylvania, one of my favorite States.

Interestingly enough, this shall be my first time going by myself.

I feel nervous, but I know that I AM happy that I shall go to a lovely place, with great staff, fantastic food, and wonderful amenities.

I have already made arrangements for someone to retrieve my regular mail, take care of my cats, which is a HUGE relief.

And I already know what I shall do while at Rainbow Mountain Resort.

Frankly, I need this time away.  Although most people do not take a vacation that lasts only four days, for me, this is most certainly a vacation.  One that my Body, Mind, and Soul so desperately need.

I have been Divinely Guided to write about my experiences at Rainbow Mountain Resort while there.  And they do have Wi-Fi, which is a good thing.

I cannot wait!

Feel free to visit their Website for more info.  The link is:

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “uchechioma.”  May you receive great insight, great clarity, and great PRIDE from following “This Gay Man’s Life…”

And for those of you who already follow or read “This Gay Man’s Life…” thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.

Looking forward to seeing the pond, upclose, after I check in at Rainbow Mountain Resort.
Looking forward to seeing the pond, upclose, after I check in at Rainbow Mountain Resort.

Returning to the Mountain…

For more than twenty years now, one of my favorite places to visit is Pennsylvania.

I have written numerous blog post on both “This Gay Man’s Life…” as well as my first WordPress Blog, “This Is Who I AM” sharing my experiences in both the Center City section of Philadelphia, as well as New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Well, in less than three weeks, I return to a place that I have only visited twice before, but love no less than either Center City, Philadelphia, or New Hope: Rainbow Mountain Resort, in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

I first learned about Rainbow Mountain Resort (also known as Rainbow Mountain) about ten years ago or so.  A good acquaintance, who had also availed himself of my Psychic Services, had entered a raffle, and won a complimentary weekend at Rainbow Mountain.

I do not recall the former name of the specific accommodations where the raffle entitled my acquaintance to stay, but on Rainbow Mountain’s Website, the room in which my friend and I stayed is not part of a set of rooms called the “King” Rooms, probably because each of them has a King-sized bed.

He did not want to go by himself, and asked if I would accompany him.  At that time, I had only been teaching group Prosperity Classes for a short time, but I knew a Money Miracle and Prosperity Gift when I saw it!  I still do, by the way!

I was happy to accompany him, and he and I coordinated our respective schedules and had a fantastic time.

My second time was in November, 2013.  I accompanied a good friend, and not only introduced him to both a great place, but my love for Pennsylvania, too.  He happens to live for chocolate, so the “Chocolate Lovers” weekend, was truly, a no-brainer!

This shall be the first time I go by myself.

Now, a little bit about why I AM going in a few weeks.

About a month ago or so, I was reading Rainbow Mountain’s Email Newsletter, , and one of the upcoming theme weekends was a “Flea Market” weekend.  Now, I happen to love flea markets, but more importantly, for years, I had been Divinely Guided to give Readings at a flea market.  However, the ones in my area do not draw me.

In addition, I feel it would be a unique experience to have a Reader at a flea market.

However, the flea market weekend at Rainbow Mountain was canceled.  I was surprised to learn that I was the only person that expressed an interest in being a vendor at said flea market.

Am I disappointed?  I was, but not any more.  Frankly, I need the time away.  My Body, Mind, and Soul are very much in need of this time away, and the Spiritualist in me knows that this shall be an excellent form of Divine Restoration.

In addition, I have been exploring some wonderful, Metaphysical/Magickal videos on YouTube, that have Re-Minded me of my Sacred Practices.  I felt led to make a few videos, during my stay at the Mountain.

Now, for all intents and purposes, my time at Rainbow Mountain Resort went from being a business trip, to a vacation trip.  However, I shall take my smartphone and my laptop computer with me, and I know that at least one staff member has expressed an interest in having a private Reading with me.  Said staff member and I simply need to look at the when.  Obviously, it shall be while I AM there.

For those of you who have yet to experience Rainbow Mountain Resort, I encourage you to check it out.  Please know that no one at Rainbow Mountain Resort is paying me to write this blog post.  I love the place, and I AM long overdue to write an original blog post on “This Gay Man’s Life…”  And so, here it is.

The food is beyond FAB!  The staff is totally wonderful!  The accommodations are lovely!

But please, do not take my word for it.  Read the online reviews, and learn first-hand why so many of us love the Mountain!

Not to mention the pool, sauna, steam room (which, this time I AM FINALLY visiting!), hot tub (my personal favorite!), the beautiful trails in the woods, and so much more.

For more info, please visit their Website:



If you do stay there, feel free to tell them you found out about “the Mountain” from Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

For now, I wish all of you great fun, great PRIDE, and a great rest of the Summer.

This is what you shall find at the top of Rainbow Mountain Resort's Website Home page.
This is what you shall find at the top of Rainbow Mountain Resort’s Website Home page.