About “This Gay Man’s Life…”

My name is Robert Alvarez.  I AM a Gay Man.  I AM many other things, too, but with this particular blog, I AM focusing, primarily, on the fact that I AM a Gay Man.

I felt I needed to begin writing this blog, because of an incident that occurred to a friend of mine.  He had met another guy via a social media app (at this time, I shall decline to name the app, but when my friend told me, my immediate reaction was “Why am I not surprised?”, and this poor excuse for a man, this son-of-a-bitch, not only told my friend that he was ugly, but that he could not even get it up for a pity fuck.

My friend, told him to try anyway, but the guy began getting dressed and left.

I was angry, and outraged, and as usual in my life, I felt the emotions of a situation more intensely than the ones to whom the experience occurred.  Later on, my friend told me that he laughed it off.  Alas, I was not laughing this off.

And so, because I feel that I do not spend enough time writing about Gay Male-themed topics, and because of my friend’s most unpleasant incident, this blog was born.

Not only that, I feel that I need to deepen my connection to my fellow LGBT people, and this blog is a good way for me to do that.

I look forward to reading your comments and answering your questions.

Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.averybannerrainbow

6 thoughts on “About “This Gay Man’s Life…”

  1. I am not a man and I am pretty straight as long as I’m sober but oh honey do I love the LGBT community. I’d fight tooth and nail for that side over most of my straight brothers and sisters anyday!

    1. Works for me! Thank you, Sarah Lee Lopez. I have begun posts on this WordPress blog with “Lesbians, my fellow Gay Men, Transgender folks, Bisexuals, and our straight allies…” Thank you for being one of the straight allies.

      Incidentally, you are one of a few straight women that read the blog posts of “This Gay Man’s Life…”

        1. Oh, I love you already!

          You shall have plenty of time to catch up, but remember, this is National Blog Posting Month, and I AM writing a post every day of November.

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