The Top Five Myths About Gay Men…

1. Gay men are child molesters–Really?  According to the Website, the vast majority of child molesters are men, that are married or formerly married to women, and religious, as well as other criteria.  Also, according to, “Members of disliked minority groups are often stereotyped as presenting a danger to the majority’s most vulnerable members.  For example, Jews in the Middle Ages were accused of murdering Christian babies in ritual sacrifices.  Black men in the United States were often lynched after being falsely accused of raping White women.”

2. Gay men want to be women–Again, really?  Personally, I love my hairy chest and stomach, my testicles, and my uncut, fat Cuban Cock.  I love its length, and its thickness and most of all, its LOCATION!  I have no desire to have it removed, and I have seen women walk in heels, and, thank you, no.

3. Gay men want everyone to be Gay–Again, no.  In my life, I have met several people, both male and female, that are heterosexual, and I AM very happy that they stay that way.  In other words, the last thing I want is someone who is insensitive, inconsiderate, cruel, closed-minded, bigoted, and/or unkind to be a fellow Gay man or Lesbian.

4. Gay men are obsessed with sex–This is one of those occasions when I shall only answer for me.  Personally, I love sex, and have always enjoyed it.  Still do, in fact.  However, these last few months, I have been channeling my Sexual Energies into both personal and professional endeavors, and with an increased professional schedule, sex has not been as frequent, even with myself.  Do I enjoy Internet porn?  Absolutely!  Do I watch it every day?  No.

5. All Gay men are into fashion, have tidy apartments and love Madonna (thanks to and for this one)–Again, speaking about me, and only me: I prefer looking well-dressed and if I can spare the coins for a few designer labels, even better, but I AM neither above nor against purchasing a lower-priced item in a discount store or even “off the rack.”  Is my apartment tidy?  No.  Is it clean?  Not necessarily.  Is it cleaner than it was last week?  Yes.  There is more of my bedroom floor visible than Oscar Madison’s, but I definitely have Felix Unger’s personality.  Do I love Madonna’s music?  Yes, and the music of the Buena Vista Social Club, Chante Moore, Peter Cetera and many others.


What do you think?

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