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Creating Holidays…

For a lot of people, the Holidays can be very stressful.

It can be especially challenging for people who have no living blood relations, for people who may be on the “fringes” of society, for people who are introverted, or who have a history of being “loners.”

And, of course, for members of the LGBTQ Communities.

Sometimes it is the Holiday rushing around, the Holiday shopping, the feeling guilty when one may not have the monies to purchase a certain gift item, in spite of it being massively on sale, as well as this feeling, Energetically speaking, of things being so tense and rushed and frenetic.

Nonetheless, if I were to give advice on how to deal with the Holidays, there are a few recommendations I would make:


First, take care of YOU!  Get plenty of sleep, eat the best you can, drink water (and do I even need to list how many sources state that drinking water helps improve one’s Health and Well-Being), and engage in some kind of movement.  Going to the gym, stretching, Yoga, etc.

Second, give yourself permission to acknowledge how you really feel about the Holidays, Holiday sales, etc.  As a professional Psychic, a Witch, and an Energy Healing Practitioner, I AM quite aware of energy, positive or negative.  There is, indeed, a frenetic, rushed energy around this time of the year.  Well, at least in the United States, and given that I live in a Mid-Atlantic State, I AM quite aware of it.

Third, if you talk to someone about your problems, make sure to talk to someone who can actually help you overcome that problem.  I have seen far too many people engage in “venting” or “dumping.”  It may help, but I have yet to see evidence of that, in both my professional Psychic Practice, and in my personal life.

In fact, I once asked a friend, who is also a fellow professional Lightworker, if her “venting” was helping her, and she said that it was not.

If something is not helping you, then why do it?

And, last but certainly not least, give yourself permission to unfriend, block, remove, etc (and give yourself permission to do this any time of the year!).

I think it is safe to say that I have written about Facebook and made it akin to the madness that one sees on YouTube (or, in person, for that matter) like a Wal-Mart store on the Friday after Thanksgiving (and yes, I refuse to call it “Black Friday”).

Nonetheless, when I use Facebook, I use it to announce my WordPress Blog posts, both on my Facebook page/timeline, and in the Facebook groups of which I AM a member.

Yes, I do occasionally play computer games on Facebook, and send messages and the like, comment on videos, etc.

However, professionally speaking, the vast majority of my new and already existing clients, as well as students and friends, who avail themselves of my Psychic Services contact me, via Email or telephone, not Facebook.  Also, I can receive Divine Messages from anything or anyone, and rarely receive them, via Facebook, but I digress.

If someone is no longer making a difference in your life, or contributing to your life in a positive, empowering, Prosperous way, then why keep him or her in your contact list, friend list, life, etc.?!

Finally, give yourself permission to create a Holiday Tradition for yourself, even if you begin by celebrating it by yourself.

It could be anything, regardless of your upbringing regarding religion or Spirituality.  Perhaps you could begin a journal writing practice, or treat yourself to a massage, or do something, no matter how simple it may be, for it can serve as a Re-Minder of your strengths, or, your positive qualities, if you will.


Do I have suggestions?  Yes, but I prefer not to inappropriately influence you with making them.

For now, I wish all of you Happy Holidays, and may the Divine Great Mystery of the Universe surprise you in many lovely, fabulous and PRIDEful ways!holidaycandles


NaBloPoMo, Day 17: The World Continues to Change, Part III…

Although I rarely read news papers, watch television news broadcasts, or visit news-oriented Websites, as part of helping me improve my blogging for “This Gay Man’s Life…” I felt led to subscribe to the Gay Star News.

Just in the Email I received today, there is a variety of news items, everything from scientific findings, celebrity advocates, news on this side of the pond (yes, Gay Star News is based London, the lucky blokes!), and more.

Some of the news items speak to a more accepting world for the LGBTQ Communities, such as:


“OKCupid expands gender and sexuality options, includes ‘sapiosexual.'”

“Investors worth billions demand US firms make gay policies global.”

“Openly gay US Division I college basketball player Derrick Gordon scores 17 points in first game.”

“Mexico City passes pro-trans bill.”

“Colin Farrell pleads for marriage equality in Ireland.”

“Paul Bettany takes on anti-gay troll and wins.”


And more.

You can visit Gay Star News by clicking on the following link:

In closing, let me state that I do not often think of the possibility of Peace, all over the world.

However, upon reading these headlines, I AM beginning to see a world with greater acceptance, maybe even more Love toward all people and animals on this Planet.  One can only hope.changingworld

Upcoming Posts, Part I…

I AM very big on Divine Guidance (and those of you who follow or read my primary blog, “This Is Who I AM,”, you know this all too well), and I have been Divinely Guided to begin a series of posts regarding the LGBT community and Spirituality.

In fact, a little after Midnight last night/today, an acquaintance of mine sent me an Email about DignityUSA (which, like yours truly, was also born in 1970), an organization for LGBT Catholics.

I did not think it was a coincidence.

Also, I have begun formulating a series of posts about the symbolism of the colors of the Rainbow Flag (especially considering that I use a variation of it in virtually every blog post for “This Gay Man’s Life…”).

And, as I love to write about, talk about and blog about books (not to mention buy them in bookstores, such as Giovanni’s Room, borrow them from local libraries, and, of course, read them), you can expect some LGBT book reviews in upcoming posts, too.

Now, I promise I shall read and review books that appeal to Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered people, too, but yes, it is safe to say that the vast majority of the books I shall review for this blog shall focus on Gay Men.

And my apologies for having taken so long to catch up.  Frankly, between my Psychic Practice, a wonderful professional endeavor, a personal life (I actually have one of those.  Who knew?) reading books, writing in journals and watching everything from American Idol to Gay Porn on the Internet, I have been busier than usual.

And, an unplugged/off-the-Internet day is so very beyond long overdue.

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “jcorbin88.”  May what you read and receive at “This Gay Man’s Life…” fill you with delight, wonder and pride.

And for those of you already following and reading “This Gay Man’s Life…” thank you for honoring who you are and what you do.bornthiswayrainbowflag


Lavender Reflections…

A few years ago, when I first discovered Giovanni’s Room (see my post, in Center City, Philadelphia, I was also happy to discover some great books on sale.

One of them is Lavender Reflections: Affirmations for Lesbians & Gay Men, photographs by Victor Arimondi (Copyright 1995, Alamo Square Press, San Francisco, California).

I began working with this book, again, this year.  Every day, there is either a quote or an extended Affirmation (what some call a “Treatment”), about a topic.

Some of the topics include, but are not limited to: Coming Out, Friendship, Sexual Orientation, Spring, Stereotypes, and more.

Some of the quotes are from such Lesbian and Gay luminaries as Dave Kopay, Quentin Crisp, Gertrude Stein, and others.

Although the book was published almost twenty years ago, it is still relevant today.

As Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered people, I think it is safe to say that there are issues that we deal with more deeply, feel more intensely than those that are straight.

It is an excellent book to work with to be Mindful of the various aspects of the LGBT life, the issues we face, as well as how we can create, manifest and maintain complete Healing in our lives.

One of the quotes can found for December 29, under the category of “Diversity.”  It is:

“We know we do not have to become copies of each other in order to be able to work together.  We know that when we join hands across the table of our difference, diversity gives us power.  When we can arm ourselves with the strength and vision from our diverse communities, then we will in truth, all of us–be free at last!”

Audre Lorde

1983 Civil Rights March

Washington, D. C.

I looked for more info on both, as well as the Barnes & Noble Booksellers Web site, not sure if the book is still in print; it might be, but it is a book that I highly recommend.  It has given me much to think about in my life, as a Gay Man.

Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do.


Who Are You…

As a Gay Man, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered individual, who are you?

Yes, this is a question that is good for one to pose, regardless of his or her sexual orientation, but as members of the LGBT communities, sometimes we look to others to determine who we are.

Sometimes we look to our straight counterparts, and sometimes we look to our fellow Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals and Transgendered individuals.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, but especially if you are a Gay Man, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender person, I invite you to do the following:

This Friday night, February 28, 2014 (the Night of the DarkMoon [the Night before the New Moon]], make a list of all the things you know yourself to be and no longer wish to be.

An example of this could be:


1. Critical

2. Superficial

3. Obsessed with money

4. Size queen

5. Snobbish


Read the list twice, to make sure these are qualities that you are ready to surrender and release and banish back to the nothingness from whence they came, and then burn the list.  Collect the ashes and flush them down the toilet.

And then, on the following night, Saturday, March 1, 2014 (the date of the New Moon in Pisces), you can make a list of qualities you wish to begin to either manifest or magnify in you.  One example could be:


1. Financially peaceful

2. Compassionate

3. Loved and adored

4. Healthy and well

5. Divinely Protected


Read your list–again, twice–to make sure you are open and receptive to either manifesting or magnifying those qualities.

You can read your list every day, place the list in front of you in a place you spend most of your time (or, if you live with others, carry the list in your bag, wallet, etc.) then place the list under your pillows or inside your pillow (under the pillow, touching the top of the bed) and then allow yourself to KNOW yourself as this, already.

Do you have to do this?  No.  However, it is no coincidence that the color purple has Spiritual, Magickal and Energetic significance, and it is also no coincidence that the color purple can be found in the Rainbow Flag.

For those of you who engage in this activity (or, Ritual, if you will), I would like to hear about your experiences in the next few weeks, around the time between Sunday, March 16 (the date of the Full Moon in Libra) and Sunday, March 30, 2014 (the date of the New Moon in Aries).

 Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do.777px-Gay_flag.svg

Moving Forward…

After one day, I AM already experiencing great feedback on “This Gay Man’s Life…”

Thank you to my newest blog followers, THE Holly Troy (, Lillian Druve, and Josh McEwan, and all of you that have been spreading the word.

Also in the short time, this blog has been in existence, I have noticed that I have become a tad hypersensitive about it, which tells me “This Gay Man’s Life…” is more Sacred to me than I may have realized.

Last night, I sent an Email about it to all the Gay Men in my Email address book, and only one recipient replied to it, in spite of having major health issues, such as bronchitis.  And yes, part of me is like, “And to the ones that are healthy and well?  What is their excuse?”

Also, two hours ago, I sent a mass message, via Facebook, to all the Gay Men on my Facebook friend list, and not one person commented.  Four people sent a “thumbs-up” symbol, and five left the conversation.

The Psychic Astrologer part of me is remembering that there are certain Astrological Transits that may be, for lack of a better term or phrase, interfering from having the Love for this blog, be received on my end and given on theirs.

Am I criticizing?  No.  I AM ranting?  Not much.  My logical Mind is crystal clear that there are a multitude of reasons why the forty-five other Email recipients have yet to reply, as well as the fifty-some-odd Facebook friends.

And so, I AM being led to consider that perhaps the launch was ill-timed, but as Gay Men, when do we do things that are perfectly timed?  In other words, is there a truly right time to stand for marriage equality, for kindness and acceptance (notice I do not use the word “tolerance.”  My personal view is love me or leave me alone.  Drastic, perhaps, but I would rather be accepted or left alone, as opposed to tolerated).

Nonetheless, this blog is also an opportunity for me to more deeply connect with my Gay Male Essence, and that DOES NOT require the approval of others, especially other Gay Men.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for honoring who you are and what you do.  And thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in your lives.flag_grunge_wall_rainbow