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FlameCon2019 Starts Tomorrow!!!

I AM so happy that I shall have the honor and pleasure of returning to FlameCon, the premier LGBTQ comic con, tomorrow, Saturday, August 17, 2019.

This is the place to explore and learn about people of the LGBTQIAPlus Community who are life-long geeks, nerds, and who happen to have a direct connection to comic books, queer literature, etc.

Recently, while going through some of the bins in my apartment, I found my copy of Geeks Out Present Power, dated June, 2015, edited by John Curtis Jennison Jr.  And yes, I plan on reading it prior to this weekend’s FlameCon2019.  It is a short read (98 pages), so I should be done in time.

In the meantime, based on one of the most recent Emails I received from GEEKS OUT, more than sixty per cent of all the tickets have been sold, and tickets continue to sell.

I AM also looking forward to making quick videos on my YouTube Channel about my experiences at this weekend’s FlameCon2019.

The vast majority of my videos on my YouTube Channel, are of a Metaphysical, Magickal, and Mystical theme.  However, there are a few that fall under the LGBTQIAPlus category, such as the videos I did when I was at “Bear Your Soul: Summer Camp” in August, 2018, as well as when I participated in “Spirit of the Bear,” which was co-produced by Bear Your Soul and PawedNYC.

You can check out all my YouTube videos by visiting:




Just like last year, this year’s FlameCon is being held at the Sheraton Times Square, located West 53rd Street and 7th Avenue in the Midtown section of Manhattan, NYC.

The image attached to this blog post is that of the floor map.  The image is courtesy of both GEEKS OUT and FlameCon.

Before I close, here is a short test video (I rarely, if ever, use my smartphone to record videos to upload to my YouTube Channel, so I needed my awesome audio-visual person to help me).





May the Universe bring you great Joy, great amounts of Riches, and great PRIDE (along with great geekiness, nerdiness, and queerness, too).

Image from FlameCon/Geeks Out, via Google Images.

Less Than Three Weeks to FlameCon 2019

I began writing this blog post on Sunday, July 28, and completed writing it on Saturday, August 3, 2019, exactly two weeks before the first day of FlameCon 2019.

This year, I have the honor and pleasure of returning to attend FlameCon, the premier LGBTQ, or, rather, LGBTQIAPlus comic con!

As you may recall, the last time I attended FlameCon was back in 2017, when it was still being held in the Borough of Brooklyn, NYC.

However, after the 2018 FlameCon, it grew so big, that the powers-that-be at FlameCon needed to use a larger venue, so they went from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Ironically, their first year in Manhattan, I had a previous engagement: namely, “Bear Your Soul: Summer Camp,” in August, 2018.

More than anything else, I AM looking forward to the panel discussions, and I must admit, looking forward to staying in the host hotel; it almost feels like a mini-vacation to me!

However, I AM looking forward to doing some quick videos about my experiences at FlameCon for my YouTube Channel.  You can visit:




For more info about “Bear Your Soul: you can visit:




You can also visit the Bear Your Soul YouTube Channel:




You can also visit the following blog post:




To buy your tickets and for more info on FlameCon 2019, you can visit:




I AM going to keep this post short and sweet.

Before I close, let me acknowledge my newest subscribers to this, my personal, LGBTQIAPlus WordPress Blog, “This Gay Man’s Life…”  They are: “Darryl Barton” and “dionjulian.”  May your following of “This Gay Man’s Life…” bring you much insight, Self-Esteem and PRIDE!

And to all of you who are already following “This Gay Man’s Life…” and/or my professional, Metaphysically-oriented WordPress Blog, “This Is Who I AM,” may you continue to live wild and free, and be Prospered, now and always, in all ways.

The logo for FlameCon2019

FlameCon 2018

For four years now, FlameCon, the premier LGBTQ Comic Con has been happening, and gaining momentum and fans.  It has become the world’s largest Queer Comic Con, too.

Intersetingly enough, for the first time in FlameCon’s history, it is being held in Manhattan, as opposed to Brooklyn.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with New York City, it is composed of five Boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx (or, as the locals call it, “the Bronx”), and Staten Island.  Long Island is often referred to as the Sixth NYC Borough, but it is not actually a Borough of NYC.

Now, I shall admit, when I learned that this year’s FlameCon shall be held in Manhattan, I was shocked!  As most of you know, I AM one of Catland’s in-store Readers, so I AM in Brooklyn, fairly often, and truly, no stranger to the MTA’s Transit system; taking buses and trains fairly often, usually every week, and sometimes, as many as four to five days a week.

Nonetheless, I happily took a bus into Midtown Manhattan, then a subway train to Brooklyn, and specifically, to the subway stop closest to where FlameCon was being held.

However, the Manhattan location this year means I do not need to take any additional mass transit.  I can simply travel into Midtown Manhattan, NYC, then walk a few blocks to the hotel where FlameCon is being held.

Alas, because I have a previous engagement this month, I shall not be able to attend FlameCon 2018.

This is the reason why:






In any event, if you have the opportunity to attend FlameCon this year, or next year, I cannot over-recommend attending.

You can obtain additional information about FlameCon by visiting their Website:






You can also visit the Geeks Out Website and YouTube Channel:







I recorded a video about this year’s FlameCon, in which I AM wearing the t-shirt for FlameCon 2017; I rarely wear printed t-shirts, but this one is my personal favorite!

Anyway, here is the video:





Remember you are beautiful, you are powerful, and you are sacred.

And good night!

“Spirit of the Bear…”

This weekend, I have the opportunity to return to Rainbow Mountain Resort, a year-round, LGBTQ resort, located in the Pocono mountains, in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

I have the opportunity to participate in “Spirit of the Bear” a healing, transformative workshop co-created by the collaboration of PawedNYC and Bear Your Soul of Easton Mountain.

“Spirit of the Bear” is an opportunity for Gay Bears and their admirers to participate in various workshops designed to help us remember that we are meant to be happy, vibrant, and light, as opposed to miserable, tired, and overloaded with drama (or, as I like to call it, drama/trauma/melodrama, or DTM, for short).

From massage to cuddle parties, and more, but feel free to visit the Websites below for more info on these amazing events.

And yes, there is so much more that I could write about this, but to learn more, you can visit:




Also, here is a video I just recorded.  I talk a little bit about what I AM intending:


May you remember how beautiful, powerful, and Sacred you are, and may you always know the power of the LGBTQIA+ Community.



Rainbow Book Fair 2017…

On Saturday, April 29, 2017 (exactly three weeks as of this writing), 12-6 PM, I have the honor and pleasure of attending the Ninth Annual Rainbow Book Fair.

This shall be the second year the Rainbow Book Fair shall take place at John Jay College has been hosting the Rainbow Book Fair since 2015, and shall do so again, in exactly three weeks.

Before that, the Rainbow Book Fair was held at a Holiday Inn, and prior to that, the LGBT Center in Manhattan, NYC.

I had the honor of attending the Rainbow Book Fair during its last year at The Holiday Inn, and have been attending ever since.

Every year there are so many wonderful things to see, and great people to meet at the Rainbow Book Fair, and this year’s Rainbow Book Fair is no exception.

Although I could write more about the Rainbow Book Fair, today, I feel led to keep this post short and sweet.

However, I invite you to visit the Rainbow Book Fair’s own WordPress Blog Site:


Rainbow Book Fair



And feel free to check out their Instagram account as well:




I do not think I need to tell you of the importance of the Rainbow Book Fair for the greater LGBTQIA+ Community.

If you can attend and support this endeavor, then great!  If not, then I invite you to become a Friend or Sponsor of the Rainbow Book Fair.  When you visit their Website, click the tab that reads “Support Us” for more info.

Before I close, let me acknowledge my newest followers to “This Gay Man’s Life…”  They are: “Chuck L,” “recipesbydaniel,” “warrenisaac,” and “amygrif.”

Also, I wish to acknowledge these other followers to “This Gay Man’s Life…”  They are:”missymichaels452,” “DRCBCN08009,” “Jon,” “Man of many thoughts,” “AdultXXPO,” “uchechioma,” “scrappy1205,” “What’s your story?,” “donaldgeorgeherman,” “KRC62,” “reuserecyclerelove,” “Senna,” “Chuck,” and “lesouchef.”

To all of you whom I have acknowledged, thank you for your Love, your Light, and your PRIDE.  May you always be beautiful, powerful, and sacred in all you do, and in all the ways you make a difference in the lives of those you serve.

And to all of you who already follow or read without following “This Gay Man’s Life…” may your Love and Light, bring you and all you serve, or shall begin serving, Empowerment, Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace.

I look forward to seeing you, in exactly three weeks, at the Rainbow Book Fair!!

Since 2015, John Jay College in Manhattan, NYC, has been the physical location of the Rainbow Book Fair.


Reflections on Orlando…

Shortly after 2 AM on Sunday, June 12, 2016, a man who was named Omar Mateen unleashed a tirade of bullets in the Pulse Dance Club in Orlando, Florida.  As a result, at least according to various news reports, 49 people were killed, and 53 were injured.

Also, several news sources have been referred to this as the “worst mass shooting in American History.”

Since that time, I have felt a great deal of emotions: anger, sadness, despair, frustration, hope, disgust, and more.  In fact, because of these conflicting emotions, and my professional schedule, it has taken me more than two weeks to write this particular blog post.

I felt sucked in to politics, and those that truly know me know that I AM very anti-politics.

However, I felt led to write something in a brand new notebook I purchased at the Rizzoli Bookstore in Manhattan, NYC.

This is what I wrote on Monday, June 13, 2016, 12:31AM:


“I have come to realize that the massacre/blood bath/tragedy at the Pulse Dance Club in Orlando, Florida is living proof that ‘marriage equality’ is not the cure-all that a lot of my fellow LGBTQIA+ Community members thought it would be.”



I was also led to make a YouTube video about my feelings about the attack, which you can watch by clicking on:





At this point, it has been more than three weeks since the attack, and in many States in the United States, and many countries around the world, June is the premier LGBTQIA+ Pride Month.

Nonetheless, I AM crystal clear that there is more to this story, more to this incident, and more going on, behind the scenes.

Ultimately, now more than ever, anyone who preaches hatred, racism, prejudice, racial profiling, misdirection, incitement, etc., is going to find that their support is being destroyed.

There is no shortage of additional information available regarding this incident.  Which also makes me a bit sad, but I digress.

Now more than ever, ALL the world has seen the price ALL of us pay for bigotry, hatred, prejudice, racial profiling, ignorance, mindlessness, unkindness, insensitivity, indifference, absolutes, blame, “he said/she said/they are,” etc.

I also wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “Senna.”  Thank you for who you are and for what you give the world.

Finally, let me also share the following posts from “BosGuy.”  They are:


What LGBTQ hate mail feels like


Love Wins: One Orlando brunch fundraiser

I saw this on Sunday, June 26, 2016, and it truly touched my heart. Thank you, Grace Church Van Horst, in Jersey City, New Jersey.
I saw this on Sunday, June 26, 2016, and it truly touched my heart. Thank you, Grace Church Van Vorst, in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Here is some additional information about Grace Church Van Horst in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Here is some additional information about Grace Church Van Vorst in Jersey City, New Jersey.
It is amazing to me that people in Perth, Australia held a candlelight vigil for those slain in the targeted massacre at the Pulse Dance Club in Orlando, Florida, United States. For more info about the event, you can visit: http://www.outinperth.com/perth-candlelight-vigil-orlando-wednesday/
It is amazing to me that people in Perth, Australia held a candlelight vigil for those slain in the targeted massacre at the Pulse Dance Club in Orlando, Florida, United States. For more info about the event, you can visit: http://www.outinperth.com/perth-candlelight-vigil-orlando-wednesday/

Back at the Mountain, Day 2…

My second day at Rainbow Mountain Resort was this past Friday, September 11, 2015.

Before I go any further, let me Lovingly Re-Mind all of you that in spite of being a very Divinely Protected person, I know better than to tax my Psychic Shields.  Being in NYC, especially Manhattan, particularly Lower Manhattan on September 11 is an opportunity for any Empathic individual to become catatonic.

And frankly, there are too many people who count on this Psychic Witch to be grounded, centered, balanced, focused and, MENTALLY WHOLE.

That was the very reason I left for Rainbow Mountain Resort on Thursday, September 10, as opposed to Friday, September 11, 2015.

My second day back at “the Mountain” was Divinely Restorative.  I knew that I wanted to have a nature walk after I woke up (well, you know, woke up, showered, got dressed, etc.), which was a wonderful one.  My doctor would be very happy with how much walking I did.

After that, I took a sauna, which in spite of being here twice before, I had yet to use the sauna.  I had used a sauna once or twice before, but it had been a few years.  If felt good and felt very cleansing, both physically and emotionally.

Then, I availed myself of the hot tub.  I love the hot tub here.  It is big, and very comfortable.  And although there was a party of one (yes, I had it all to myself) it was no less relaxing.

After that, I went back to my room, showered, dressed for dinner, then spent time with some good books and my journals.  I think I took a nap, too.

And, it was exactly what I needed.  Although I was quite far from NYC on September 11, I was not oblivious to what people were going through.

As always, for those of you who want to inquire about staying at Rainbow Mountain Resort, please visit:




And if you stay there, let them know you found out about them from Robert Alvarez, the Psychic Witch.

And yes, I AM keeping this one short and sweet, especially given what time it is.

For now, thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.

And, with that, good night/morning!

This is the welcoming view to all who come to Rainbow Mountain Resort, the Lodge Porch.
This is the welcoming view to all who come to Rainbow Mountain Resort, the Lodge Porch.

Bureau of General Services–Queer Division…

In the last few months, I have written blog posts on “This Gay Man’s Life…” about events that I have attended at the Bureau of General Services–Queer Division (or, the Bureau, for short).  I have stated in said blog posts that I need to write an actual blog post about the Bureau.

After attending a recent (as well as lovely, or rather, another lovely event) at the Bureau, not to mention telling both of its co-founders, Donnie Jochum and Greg Newton, how much I love their space (very much, in fact!) and then mentioning this WordPress Blog, I knew the time had come for me to finally sit my ass down and write this blog post.

And yes, my beautiful followers and readers, you can say it (or, in this case, write it).  In fact, I shall happily start you off: “Robert, it is about FUCKING TIME you wrote a blog post about the Bureau!”

So here it is.

The Bureau brings back a Queer bookstore, art and cultural space to Manhattan, NYC.

Those of us who live in or near NYC and are at least twenty-five years of age may recall that Manhattan had two LGBTQ bookstores: A Different Light and the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop.  As you also know, they closed up their respective shops many years ago.

The Bureau was originally located in the Strange Loop Gallery, located on Orchard Street, in the Lower East Side section of Manhattan, NYC from November, 2012, until August, 2013.  From there, it moved to Hester Street, also in the Lower East Side, and was there from September, 2013, until September, 2014.

I vaguely recall when it was located at Strange Loop Gallery, but was very happy that I discovered it in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Community Center, located on West 13th Street in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan.

Although I AM a happy Gay Man, I was happy to have attended a Bisexual Book Club meeting, as my very first Bureau experience.  In addition, I happen to have a dear friend who is a fellow professional Lightworker (specifically, an Energy Healing Practitioner) and who is also Bisexual, and he accompanied me to the book club meeting.

Frankly, I was happy to introduce someone else to the Bureau, so soon after learning about its existence.

Since then, I have been to about four or five other events at the Bureau, and looking forward to attending others.  By the way, did you know, the Bureau hosted 171 events in 2014?

For more information about the Bureau of General Services–Queer Division, as well as upcoming events, offering to volunteer, or arranging to make donations (because really, Manhattan has already had two queer bookstores close, having another one would simply not do!), you can visit their Website:




I AM most thankful to both Donny and Greg for co-founding the Bureau, and for all they do there, and make no mistake, they do a lot!

Before I close, I wish to acknowledge my newest blog follower, “thescalesofapisces.”  Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do.  May you receive great information and great PRIDE from following “This Gay Man’s Life…”

And to those of you already following or reading “This Gay Man’s Life…” thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.BGSQDlogo

7th Annual New York Rainbow Book Fair…

Yesterday, Saturday, April 18, 2015, I had the opportunity, honor and pleasure of attending the 7th Annual New York Rainbow Fair, which is touted as “The Premier LGBT Book Event in the U. S.”

I was in sheer heaven!  Remember, I AM a certified bibliophile, and when I look at some of these photographs on the Internet showcasing some of the most GORGEOUS Libraries on the Planet, I experience something quite akin to an orgasm!

As most of you know, I book up very fast.  In previous years, I would find out about this event either a few weeks after it took place, and in one case, a few months.

Fortunately for me, I found out about this event back in March, a full month or so before the Fair took place.  I was excited, and I was ready.

The Rainbow Book Fair was from 12-6PM, however, I was Divinely Guided to wait until after my local postal carrier did his or her rounds for the day.  After I retrieved my regular mail (or, to use the phrase of the day,”surface mail”) for the day, I was off to Manhattan.

I wanted to walk up from Port Authority, and I was feeling good, listening to Chaka Khan on my smartphone (thank you, Spotify!), and feeling good.  I was wearing a new outfit and showing off a bit of tummy!

But you do not want to hear about that (or, maybe you do!).  Regardless, I was on my way to the Holiday Inn Midtown where the Rainbow Book Fair was held.

Now, as I have mentioned in previous posts, as well as offline, I happen to love books, and were it not for time and money, I have no doubt I would have needed to purchase some luggage, or even hired a personal assistant to assist me with my purchases!

I had arrived at approximately 2:30PM, and was delightfully shocked that the admission price was $3.00.  That is how much I pay to go from where I live into Manhattan.  In my Mind I thought, “That’s it?!”  Indeed, I shall happily pay $3.00 to walk in the door and buy books!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the volunteer behind the table was someone with whom I have engaged in social activities at both the Gay Community Center of Manhattan, as well as the Queens Pride House in the Jackson Heights section of Queens, NYC.

I received a program, a sticker (which fell off not too long after my arrival; next time I shall put it on my face and see if it stays there!), and a copy of the Gotham Cafe menu (no, I did not eat there, but I have a great reason to return).

Then, I walked around, and found a table for the Bureau of General Services-Queer Division (and yes, I still need to write that blog post about them!).

From there, I walked to the table for Lethe Press.  Now, as many of you know, I AM a big fan of the Marco Fontana Mystery Series written by THE Joseph R. G. DeMarco, whose books are published by Lethe Press, so you know I had to go to that table.

I do not recall the names on the sign, but neither author was there.  However, Mr. Jonathan Harper was, whose Energy is lovely, and who is quite easy on the eyes!

I must confess, when I first walked up to him, I thought he worked for Lethe Press, as in, he was an employee, but I was happy to learn that he was selling copies of his debut collection of short stories, Daydreamers.  It has been a while since I have read a collection of short stories, so I AM looking forward to this.

After this, I met Chris who was representing La Casa Azul (which is Spanish for “The Blue House”), which is East Harlem, NYC’s, local, independent bookstore.  You know I love my Independent Booksellers!  And yes, I AM already planning a trip, and soon!

From there, I walked over to the table featuring the works of Rhys Ethan, “Author-Actor-Crazy Person.”  Mr. Ethan is yet another lovely man with lovely Energy and quite easy on the eyes!  We had a great conversation about Spirituality, and although I did not purchase any of his books, I did purchase this pin he made.  It consists of a big safety-pin, pink and green ribbons (you know I love my Heart Chakra colors!), and two dangling spheres, ocean blue on one side, rich pink on the other, and above each sphere, angel wings.  And for a dollar each, how could I not?!

Then, I made my way to the table featuring Stephen Morris, author of the Come Hell or High Water Trilogy of novels.  Clearly, my Witch Powers were directing me to this table, because this series is too good not to read!

The first novel, subtitled “Wellspring,” begins in Prague in 1356, and then flashes forward to Prague, Spring, 2002.

If I went any further, this post would be about this trilogy of novels, as opposed to the 7th Annual New York Rainbow Book Fair.

And then, my last stop (at the time, anyway) was to the table manned by THE Perry Brass.  I had the honor and pleasure of meeting him previously, during an in-person meeting of Gay Men of Wisdom, founded the wonderful Ray Rigoglioso, author of Gay Men and the New Way Forward.  And yes, I surprised Ray, once more, and the manner in which I surprised him surprised me, too!!

Perry Brass is just as lovely as ever.  Friendly, eloquent, and engaging.  I happily discovered that he had written a sequel to his book The Manly Art of Seduction: How to Meet, Talk to, and Become Intimate with Anyone.  The sequel is entitled The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love: Your Guide to Life, Happiness, and Emotional and Sexual Fulfillment in a Closed-Down World.  As soon as I heard that, it was an instant purchase!

And then, I discovered that he was also selling back copies of his previous works at what I would call a Divine Discount.  I was Divinely Guided (appropriately enough) to purchase his novel The Substance of God.

Well, after all that, I wanted to see if I could meet a particular published author.  No, I shall not state his name, but I had a lovely surprise waiting for me.

Going into the room where I thought I would meet this author, I arrived a few minutes before the start of a panel discussion: “In the Beginning,” LGBT Jewish Writers on Culture, Heritage, and Queer Family Ties.

Now, I have always felt drawn to Jewish Culture, and there was a time, when I was younger, that I seriously considered converting to Judaism.  Indeed, had I done so, I would have gone from being a Jew to being a Jewitch, but I digress.

The Panel was moderated by THE Perry Brass, and featured Michael Broder, his husband, Jason Schneiderman, Donna Minkowitz, Ms. D. L. King, and Martha Shelley, whose Energy I loved with each subsequent eloquent word.

It was a lively, fun and mentally stimulating discussion, and my ears certainly perked up when there was the topic of Paganism and Judaism!

And yes, afterward, my friend and I stopped in a cafe, where I had a coffee and a hamantaschen,also known as hamantashen or hamentaschen, and before taking my first bite, I gave Gratitude and Praise to the Queen of Heaven!

I highly recommend you visit the following Websites:


(WordPress Blog.  YES!)



(the Website of Mr. Jonathan Harper)



(The official Website of La Casa Azul, East Harlem’s local, independent bookstore)



(the official Website of the “Author-Actor-Crazy Person” Mr. Rhys Ethan)



(The Website for Mr. Stephen Morris, author of this Trilogy of novels)



(The official Website of THE Perry Brass)


And there you have it!

Lesbians, my fellow Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgenders, and our straight allies, as well as my blog followers and blog readers.  Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do, and for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.

I wish you the Peace, Health, and Plenty of this Day.rbf7_masthead_web

META Center’s Mother’s Day Psychic & Healing Day Event…

For those of you that shall be in the NYC area this Saturday, May 10, 2014, I have the honor and pleasure of returning to the META Center New York for their “META Center’s Mother’s Day Psychic & Healing Day Event.”

This time around, I shall be available for Readings, Goddess Energy Healing Treatments, and Western Astrological Consultations.

Regarding Readings, I shall be available for the following kinds of Readings:


Goddess Readings (with Cards)

Goddess Readings (without Cards)

Angel Readings (with Cards)

Angel Readings (without Cards)

Readings with the Sacred Tarot


Regarding the Goddess Energy Healing Treatments, I began conducting them during the time I led my very first Goddess Course, “Goddess-Graced Guidance,” from January, 2010, until January, 2011.

However, it was not until Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at the META Center New York’s Healing Fair that I began conducting Goddess Energy Healing Treatments professionally (SEE http://thetarotman.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/the-meta-center-new-york-healing-fair/ ).  It was a great day and a great Fair.

The following shall give you some additional insight regarding my Goddess Energy Healing Treatments.


For example, let us say you have had one obstacle after another regarding romantic relationships, after another, after another.  And now, you are ready to dissolve, surrender and release said obstacles from your complete Being and your world.

As per my Divine Guidance, I may call upon Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness to assist you in letting go of past heartaches, in a very big way, if not once and for all.  I may also call upon Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sensual Pleasures, Romance and Fashion to help you love yourself more deeply, and more strongly, and help you look your best when you are ready to attract a romantic relationship again.

Another example would be regarding Financial Prosperity.  Let us say that you have been stuck in poverty consciousness for far too long, and now you are fully ready to surrender and release it.

Depending on my Divine Guidance, I would call upon Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of Divine Supply, to assist you in dissolving the focus on lack, limitation, hard times, and debts from your Mind.  I may also call upon Oshun, the Afro-Caribbean Goddess of All that Flows (including Money) to assist you in manifesting your Prosperous Good from all avenues, channels, doors, and points.


In addition, I shall be available for Western Astrological Consultations, and one need not bring his or her chart.

For more information, please feel free to submit a comment, or Email me directly at thetarotman@excite.com.

You can also send the META Center an Email at info@metacenterny.com, or by calling 212-736-0999, xt 1.

Thank you for honoring who you are and what you do.  And thank you for honoring who I AM and what I do, too.May 2014 Psychic Fair Flyer